General FAQs

Do you take on commissions?

Yes! When it comes to creativity I love a new challenge, and I’d love to work with you to create your perfect artwork. If you’re interested in commissioning a piece of art, then please contact me with the details of your idea.

How do I order?

The order process is fairly simple but for detailed instructions, just head over to the 'How to Order' page.

There's a problem with my order.

If you an issue with your order that hasn’t been rectified by reading these FAQs then please contact me with the details of your problem.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you have not received the dispatch notification it may be possible to cancel or change your order. Please contact me as soon as possible to avoid being too late. This only applies to ready made art or products, custom artwork or portraits can only be altered if work has not already started on them.

How long does delivery take?

Email Delivery - 1 Working Day

United Kingdom 

Standard Delivery - Estimated 1 working day from day of dispatch.

Next Day Delivery - Guaranteed to be delivered next working day if despatched before 4pm.

USA and Canada

Please be aware that estimated shipping times do not account for any delays that may be incurred by your country’s custom department.

Standard Delivery - 5 - 7 Working Days

Express Delivery - 1 - 3 Working Days


Please be aware that estimated shipping times do not account for any delays that may be incurred by your country’s custom department.

Standard Delivery - 3 - 5 Working Days

Express Delivery - 1- 3 Working Days

My order hasn't arrived.

Portrait FAQs

How long does a digital drawing portrait take?

Working time can vary depending on what type of portrait you’re ordering, those with more subjects,higher detail or based on poor photos tend to take longer. Generally a standard portrait takes around 7 working days. If you have a short deadline, please contact me to see if we can work out a suitable solution.

I would love a portrait, but can't see the size or type I would like?

Don’t worry! Simply contact me with what you had in mind, and we’ll work out a custom quote together. The shop currently offers the most commonly requested portraits, but nearly any subject can be used for a digital portrait, provided you have a suitable photo.

Is my photo good enough to be used for a digital portrait?

The most important step in ensuring a great custom portrait is the quality of the source photo you provide me with. The crux of it is that I simply cannot draw details if I’m unable to see them, and details are what really bring the portrait to life. A good rule of thumb for people and animals is; if you zoom in, can you make out the eye colour? Can you see the iris, the pupil, the eyelids and lashes?If yes, then great! It’s very likely you have a high quality image and I should have no issues using it as a source photo. If not, I may still be able to work with it however the portrait may take longer and the outcome won’t be as detailed. If you’re still unsure if your photo will work, please contact me preferably with a few different photo options.

What if I'm not happy with the way my portrait comes out?

I always send a preview of the portrait before printing or emailing the final file. This is your opportunity to discuss any changes or areas you’re unhappy with. Once I have made the amendments you’ve requested I will send you another preview to approve. The final file will not be processed until you are happy with your custom portrait. Please bear in mind though, that I can only work from the photo(s) you provide me with, and therefore can not be held responsible for issues resulting from your chosen photo.

What if I want to change the source photo after I've placed my order?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of custom artwork, once work has begun on a portrait the source photo can not be changed. If for some reason you have submitted the wrong photo when placing your order, please contact me as soon as possible to see if it can be rectified

Painting FAQs

Will my painting require framing?

With canvas paintings it’s entirely up to your personal preference whether to frame them. The main purpose of framing is protection for the artwork, however with three coats of UV varnish applied this is really not necessary. The edges of the canvas are always painted black or a coordinating colour with the artwork so framing is not needed for this purpose either. If you like the look of framed paintings then go for it, but it is not a necessity otherwise.

How do I hang my painting?

Canvas paintings are pretty light, so it’s quite easy to hang them on their stretcher bars from a centrally positioned nail (or two for large paintings). If you would like a bit more security when hanging your canvas, there are many hanging kits available specifically for canvas paintings.

How do I look after my painting?

Every painting is coated with three coats of UV varnish in either a matt or gloss finish to help protect the artwork from sunlight, dust and pollution. However, it is still advised to avoid hanging the painting in direct sunlight or in a room that is extremely hot or extremely cold. Smoking in the vicinity of the artwork can also discolour and degrade the paintwork. To clean your painting, avoid cleaners and detergents and instead opt for a clean soft dry cloth or brush. To clean a build up of dust and grime use a can of compressed air to gently clear away debris.

Do you use quality materials? Will my painting last?

For my artwork I only use the finest, professional quality materials and tools. High quality, professional grade paint ensures intense colour vibrancy and depth, and maximum longevity. The canvasses are triple primed and finished artwork is sealed and protected with three coats of UV varnish. With a littleTLC your painting will last a very long time.

I like one of your paintings but would prefer it in a different colour or size, is this possible?

In most cases, the answer is yes! It depends on how big you actually want the painting and whether canvasses are available for that size, but within reason you can usually have the size you want or similar.It’s not usually a problem to have the painting in a different colour, but bear in mind it will likely have to be painted to order which will take around 4 weeks.